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  Welcome to Bee-Able


We have been providing a service in the Selby area since April 2013 in response to local need, filling a vital gap in support available for young people and adults living with a disability and their families.

We pride ourselves on offering a unique service that enables and empowers the people we work with to live life to their full potential, whilst providing a safe and secure environment for children, young people and adults to socialize, build confidence and offer assistance with  independence skills and allowing parents/carer's the "time out" that they might need.

Care can be provided for children and young people from 8 years to 18 years within our group setting located at Drax Village Hall. 18

years and above can attend our Day Service at The Bee - Hive located within Riccall Regen Centre were they will be encouraged to become more independent through a variety of different life skills based tasks. We also provide companionship and practical support for adults in their own homes whether its to allow their careers to access their own activities or to support the individuals to live more independent, we have no upper age limit.

We see our service as bespoke and can adapt to suit the service user so do please get in touch with any enquiries.

Further information can be found under each tap at the top of the page.


Please contact us via the contact tab for more information or by emailing          07908718770

Parents Testimonial:

“My son absolutely loves attending Bee-Able club where he has many friends not only in the other children but the volunteers. When he comes home from Bee-Able he enjoys telling me all about the fun things he has done there. I have a lot of trust in the fantastic people who look after my son at Bee-Able and would recommend anyone who has a child with special needs to bring them along and see how great it is.”


“My two sons absolutely love attending the group and being on the Autistic Spectrum, it is a fantastic way for them to increase their social skills/interaction whilst being in a safe environment with knowledgeable and caring adults to look after them. What a wonderful and long awaited group."

“The 6 weeks holiday has been made easier because of the group. It is a fantastic group and the volunteers that help with the children are dedicated and a great help. Bee - Able has taken the children out to some fantastic places and while the children are there having the respite, means that we get to spend some quality time with other siblings."


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